Stairway to Heaven Lyrics Wall Art

I made this wall art for my boyfriend as a surprise. Lyrics wall art been around for a while but I was inspired to change up the fonts from Pinterest at this link:

This was done pre-blog so I don’t have all the pictures but I reproduced some of them because it was a bit difficult explaining what I had to do.

Materials needed:

Canvases- I bought a pack of nine 4 x 4 canvases from Michael’s they were about $20 but I had a 40% off coupon so I bought it for $12.

Fabric- I used muslin because I like the antique look at it gave. Plus it’s cheap and I had a bunch laying around.

Iron on transfer paper – I had this transfer paper already, but you can get this at hobby lobby or any craft store


Computer and printer

Staple gun

Steps for making the art

1. You want to find lyrics or quotes that you really like. My boyfriend’s favorite song lyric is in Stairway to Heaven and my favorite part of the song follows shortly. We are both big LZ fans as well so it all really worked out to find meaningful lyrics for him.

2. Format the lyrics into a printable form of the computer. This was a bit tricky. I knew I wanted the lyrics to go across the the canvases with out stopping. So instead of having 3 blocks of words, they would start and finish on different canvases.

My formatting only will work for 9 blocks that are 4″x4″.

I set my paper to legal size which is 8.5×14.

I set the orientation to land scape then set 1″ margins on the sides, 1″ on the top, and 3.5 on the bottom. This gave me a 12″x4″ area to type in.

I typed in from mikes favorite lyrics to the end of the song.

I decided on the fonts that I liked and changed all the words and lines that stood out to me to script. I knew I wanted 4 lines per row of blocks so I enlarged the font to have 4 lines on each page. The script was smaller at the same point size as the type so I enlarged all the scripted words until all the letters were about the same size.

Then I adjusted the line spacing to make sure it all fit in 4″. I then deleted all words from 4 pages on. I have 3 rows so I only needed three pages.

Then I formatted the paragraph to justify.

My transfer paper was 8.5×11 so I had to tape two of them together to get the page to be 14″ long.

3. I printed out each page one at a time. You want to make sure that it is a mirror image that you print! When you go to iron it on it’ll reverse the font to read correctly.

Because I was only using 4 inches of the transfer paper I didn’t want to waste it. I took the bottom half of a paper and taped it to regular paper and have it printed it that way so I didn’t throw out perfectly useable paper.

With all three pages printed in mirror image I was ready to start cutting out the lyrics.

4. I cut the lyrics every 4 inches. Thus, I ended up with nine 4 x 4″ pieces of transfer paper with lyrics on them.

(in theory I cut at the red lines)

5. Then I cut out nine 11×11″ squares of muslin. This was more than I needed but again I’m terrible at centering.

6. I ironed on the lyrics to the middle of each piece of muslin. I had a little trouble with the paper that was taped together at first, but I found just a little more pressure for a few seconds more fixed any problems.

7. After everything was transferred I began attaching the muslin to the canvases. I centered the lyrics and stapled the top and bottom. Then I pulled the fabric tight and stapled all along the back making hospital folds at each corner. I made all my corners fold the same way on every canvas for aesthetics. It doesn’t really matter how they are folded.

8. Then I trimmed off the excess fabric so the blocks would lay nicely against the wall. It’s supposed to be hung spread out but you get the effect with them together. Spreading them out will help make them look even as well. You can see where some lyrics are higher than the other like the bottom right corner and bottom middle. It gives it character 🙂

Lastly, I gave him his gift. Mike loved it! For some reason he couldn’t believe I remembered his favorite part of the song. I’m not that bad of a girlfriend! They came out great and we are looking for the right place to hang them. Right now they are being displayed on his coffee table.
I hope this can add to your house in some way!

Thank you!