Poinsettia Tree Skirt

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I needed a tree skirt. I have this pet peeve about trees without them. It was a week until Thanksgiving and I was getting down to the wire (I put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving because I love Christmas so much!) I digress, I went to Target one day and they had these red tree skirts for $5. Can’t go wrong with that so I bought one and went home. I opened it and it was a big felt mess. I decided to upcycle it into something great. And Voila! The Poinsettia Tree Skirt was born.

What you need

-2 Red felt tree skirts from target or and where else your heart desires

-Green felt sheets. I bought 6 and used 5. I had about 38 flowers to make you may need more or less depending on the size of your tree skirt.

-Jingle Bells

-Needle and thread



-extra paper

1. I started by making a pattern. I made a few different flowers until I made one I was happy with. This pattern included 2 four point flowers layered on top of each other and two green leaves. Then I took that pattern and measured how many it would take to cover the skirt. My skirt was scalloped so I just counted the peaks and measured how many flowers it would take to cover a peak and a valley. It took three flowers, and ultimately It was around 30 some flowers. I rounded up and made extra to be sure. I believe I cut out 74 flowers all together.

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2. I traced the pattern on the second tree skirt. I traced all of them before I cut them out.

missys ipone 12-14-12 219

3. I cut out (along with Mike) all the flowers

4. Then I traced the leaves on the green felt and cut those out

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5. now the fun part, Mike and I hand-sewed every flower. We layered the petals then adjusted the leaves so they were showing and put a gold jingle bell in the middle.

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missys ipone 12-14-12 223missys ipone 12-14-12 225

6. after all the flowers were made (which took about 3 evenings sitting in bed watching movies) we attached all the flowers along the edge. I placed my flowers to get rid of the scallop. I wasn’t feeling it that day.

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7. And you’re done! The pictures don’t actually do it justice, the red kind of blends together but in real life it looks great.

Tips and Tricks

-Have a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend help you cut everything out

-Trim the top flower so the center is smaller. It looks better if the jingle bell covers most of it.

-Double up your thread.

-You will have floppy flowers. but they lay on the floor and until x-mas morning there isn’t a lot of stress to them.

As always, thank you for reading!