“Om” bracelet


I don’t wear jewelry too often, mostly because I find it to be expensive. Also, I do not possess the talent of accessorizing myself very well. Despite my lack of style, I have wanted to try my hand at making my own jewelry for a while and I think this was a good starting point!

Materials needed:

A charm- I chose the “Om” symbol because I love yoga and the word’s meaning. It’s a healing word and we could all use a little more health!

A chain- I bought a 30″ necklace for my bracelet. I wanted plenty of chain in case I screwed up.

Small lobster claw- my charm is very small and I wanted the charm to be the center. My necklace came with a large clasp so I bought a small one and kept the large one for later use.

Jewelry pliers- I used round tip pliers, needle nose, and chain pliers.

Extra connecter rings- I bent 2 of these so extras are a good thing.


1. I removed the link that came on the charm.


2. Next, I clipped a link in the necklace chain to create 2 halves. I knew I wanted my bracelet to have two chains connected and that I wanted it all attached to the symbol itself. Ideally, I wanted the bracelet to be all one chain that slipped through the “o” of the charm and clipped on the ring attached to it. The chain however was too thick, so I adapted what I had. If you have a solid charm with only the attached ring, you’ll have to use a different method or adjust how you want your bracelet to look.

(cutting the necklace in two)

3. I attached the two separate chains to one connector ring.

4. Then I attached the connector ring with the chains on it to the “o” part of the charm.


5. Then, I measured the chains to the length I wanted. I like bracelets that move a little so I made my chains about 6″ long. I made it easy by putting the chains around my wrist and cutting where it looked good.

6. I attached the ends of the two chains to a connector ring, then connected the small lobster claw. I closed the connector rings with the needle nose pliers, then slipped the ring on the round tip pliers. I was able to make sure all the ends were curved and that the connectors somewhat resembled something that may have been round at one time in the past 🙂

7. Now, just put it on and check out your handy work. This would be when you can see if any wire ends are sticking out or if the chain is too long, etc.

Things to keep in mind:

1. My materials were all very small. Be careful you don’t lose parts and that everything is big enough to work with. You can see below I used a penny for scale.


2. Make sure you have the right sizes for your materials. My original connector rings were too thick for the chain to attach to. This turned Mikes ice cream trip into an ice cream/jewelry parts trip to Wal Mart.

3. The steps are easy, but take your time and be patient. Small parts can be frustrating but don’t give up!

4. Know what you want. I have wanted an anchor and Om bracelet for awhile and I waited and looked everywhere for what I want. I’ve yet to find the anchor charm I want.

I’m happy with how this turned out. A I said I’ve wanted one for a while and it’s pretty much how I pictured it except for a few things.
Thanks for stopping by!