Ghostly Lights

I love Halloween.  I love everything about it from the fun decorations to the trick-or-treaters.  I dress up my dogs and myself every year and pumpkin carving is a tradition that I anxiously await.  I start decorating in September because I think one month of Halloween is too short.  

As always I like to decorate on a budget.  My ghost lights cost me a whopping $6 as I had everything but the ping pong balls.
What you need:

  • string lights
  • Ping pong balls 
  • Yarn/string
  • Drill bits 
  • Marker
  • Scissors

1. Using a small drill bit, poke a hole in a ping pong ball.  Gradually increase the size of the hole using larger drill bits until it fits snugly around a light.  Don’t worry if the ball dents in, you can fix it with a small drill bit or a pen.  

2. Place ping pong ball over lights. At first I covered every light (shown below) but soon found it works better if you cover every other.

3.  Cut pieces of white fabric, I found 6×6″ or 7×7″ worked well for the size of the ping pong balls. My string lights were 100 count so I needed 50 squares per string.

4.  Wrap the fabric around the ping pong ball and secure it with yarn or string.  Trim excess yarn if desired. 

5.  With your marker, make eyes and a mouth on each ghost head.
6.  When you hang the lights you can turn the heads on the lights to make them all face out.  

Volia!  You’re done!  Quick and easy!  I found bags of 50 ping pong balls for $6 on Amazon and prime shipping.  As I said the rest I already had.  It has a nice ambient glow to my porch and when Halloween is over, I can easily store the lights until next year!  

Happy Hauntings!  I’ll have more Halloween crafts coming soon! 



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