Santa Hat Chair Covers

missys ipone 12-14-12 343

I was walking around Pottery Barn Kids one day and they had these cute Santa hat chair covers for kids chairs. I went into ninja mode and snapped a picture of one on my phone, they were $24 dollars per cover and I thought I could do better than that.

Materials Needed

-Velvet-like material. I bought mine at Jo-Ann’s on sale. I can’t tell you how much it was at the time

-White Fuzzy fabric- about 1 yard depending on what you need.

-Large White fuzzy balls, I bought mine at Hobby Lobby

– Sewing machine

-Cutting instruments

-Tape Measure

1. Measure your chairs. I measured the widest part of my chairs which were about 36 inches around. Then measure the height of the back of your chairs. And then measure how far up your widest span is. My chairs were about 36 at the widest part, 13 inches up the back is where the wide part stopped, and the back in total was about 20 inches high.

missys ipone 12-14-12 323missys ipone 12-14-12 322

2. Figure out how much fabric you will need. At 36 inches wide I needed about 4 yards. If I had used pattern A I could have saved money… but I didn’t.

hat patternPattern A.

3. I cut out squares of fabric giving myself about an inch of extra fabric for seams. My blocks were about 37 inches wide and about 28 inches long.

missys ipone 12-14-12 324

4. Next I visually decided how big I wanted my white trim. I decided I liked the look of 5 inches of trim.

5. I cut out strips of trim 6 inches wide. I used the width of the bolt to my advantage, so they were about 42 inches long

missys ipone 12-14-12 325

6. I pinned the white trim to the velvet 5 inches from the bottom with right sides together.

missys ipone 12-14-12 327

7. Sew the trim to the velvet with a small seam. I ran my presser foot along the bottom of the trim for my guide.

missys ipone 12-14-12 328

8. flip the trim down and turn the whole piece of fabric over.

9. with right sides facing down, you should a small strip of white trim at the bottom. Fold the trim up and pin. Be sure to catch the bottom of the velvet in the pins so it tacks down when you sew.

missys ipone 12-14-12 331

10. Sew as close to the bottom as you can. I used red thread with a white bobbin, so I made sure the white thread was on the side of the hat that would be seen.

missys ipone 12-14-12 332missys ipone 12-14-12 333

11. Trim the white trim so It is flush with the sides of the velvet

12. pin edges together with right sides together

13. Measure the center of the top of the hat. Then measure up the side to the widest part of your chair. At that point, start bringing the hat to the center point. Do the same on the folded side. I drew lines with my fabric pen to have a guide.

missys ipone 12-14-12 334

14. Sew along your lines/pins.

missys ipone 12-14-12 336

15. Flip the hat right side out and make sure it fits.

16. If it fits, cut of remaining fabric. If it doesn’t figure out where you went wrong, rip the seams out and try again (I had to do this)

missys ipone 12-14-12 337

17. Turn right side out and hand sew a large puff ball to the tip of the hat.

missys ipone 12-14-12 338

There they are! They are really cute and add just a little Christmas cheer with out looking tacky or over done.

missys ipone 12-14-12 339missys ipone 12-14-12 341

My only tip is the velvet likes to stick to itself so make sure it is wrinkle free when you pin.

Oh! and make sure you make one for each chair 🙂

Hope you are all ready for the holidays!




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