Cheap thread holders


Hi everyone!
I just wanted to take today and do a quick post about a spice rack that I have found works wonderfully for a thread holder. I saw this on a couple months ago and originally I wanted them for my spices but I don’t have enough room in my cupboard. About a month ago my aunt order the same thing off QVC, but didn’t need the whole thing so she gave me one part. I really liked it but couldn’t use it for its intended purpose, so I decided to repurpose it in my craft room. Initially, I thought it could hold buttons and glitter, which it does.  Then I threw some thread in there one day and I found that it organizes it really well. I have both all-purpose thread and embroidery thread and it and they both fit. I usually have it behind my sewing machine and because it’s on a swivel I can just pull one out when I need the thread. It has walls on each sides so the thread doesn’t fall over, but it’s not too high that it blocks out the colors. The reason I’m posting this today because they are on again for only $6.99. If you’re interested go on then click on the sellout tab and you can find them.  They come with four double shelves that come on a swivel so you can slide them and move them as you need.  You also get little jars that you can use for buttons and glitter and little extra things that I have no specific place to put. Woot has a standard five dollars shipping regardless what you buy.  So, you could buy eight packs of these or you could buy one and it is still five dollars shipping. From what I’ve seen this is a pretty great deal.  Even my aunt when she bought it off of QVC she didn’t get any of the bottles with it. That’s all for today!  Please stay tuned because the next craft you will have a chance to win a free bracelet and earrings.  Also, I have some Christmas ideas coming up in the next month! Thanks!

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