Anchors Aweigh!

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I made this a bit ago, but it was a gift for my friend for her birthday so I couldn’t post it until after she received it. I saw a similar design on Pinterest, but I decided to change it a bit and make it my own.

Materials needed:
-cord, I used a black leather cord from hobby lobby for $2
-Anchors charms, I ordered mine from etsy
-lobster claw
-two links
-four cinch close ends, I found these at Hobby Lobby for $2
-jewelry pliers. I used all four pictured, the needle nose, round nose, wire cutters, and regular flat pliers.
– measuring tape

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1. Measure your wrist. Seeing as I made mine for my friend, I made it about the size of my wrist with a little extra room. I have about a 6 inch wrist so I wanted my final bracelet to be about 6 3/4 inches.

2. Cut two pieces of cord the size of your wrist, I added a little extra for fool proofing purposes.

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3. I distressed the leather cords a bit by squeezing it with the pliers and twisting it a few times. I wanted the leather to lay correctly and right out of the package it is too stiff. Your cord may not need this.

4. You may be able to buy ends that you can cinch closed without rings on the end but I didn’t search that hard. Instead I bought the ends with loops and cut the loops off of two of them with the wire cutters.

5. I sanded smooth the edges that felt rough or sharp. At this point there should be two ends with loops and two without.

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6. Fold the cord in half and wrapped it around the anchor shank and under the arms.

7. Pull both ends of the cord tight and keep them ends together.

8. Place one of the ends without a loop on the cord a few millimeters away from the crown of the anchor. Make sure both cords fit into the end and squeeze the end closed around the cords. You may and to squeeze the end a few different ways to make sure it closes properly and doesn’t sit funny.

missy's iphone 477missy's iphone 479

9. The loop created should allow some movement but the anchor should not be able to slip out of it.

10. Now fold the other cord in half and slip it through the loop.

11. Pull the cord ends tight and place the metal end without a loop on. Again there should be a little play.

12. Cinch the end closed, but do this a little differently. Above you wanted the cords to lay side by side, but if you do that with the top of the anchor, it won’t lay correctly. Cinch the end closed with the top cord up and the bottom cord under it. This will be a little harder to close (depending on the size of your cord and ends).

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13. Lay the bracelet aside and work on the connectors. Open a connecting ring enough to slip on an end with a loop and a lobster claw. I open my rings by slipping it on the round nosed pliers and pressing it down. This keeps the ring round and reduces the chance it becomes misshapen when closed.

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14. Open the second connector ring and slip on the last end with a loop.

15. Connect the claw and the loop and measure the end of the loop to the end of the loop.

16. For me everything together a a half inch. I measured the bracelet ends and trimmed them to the correct length. This is how I worked this in my head. I wanted my bracelet to be about 6 1/2 inches with a little room, so my bracelet cords would be 6 1/4 inches each and the space for the anchor would be the amount of play. So, if my connectors were 1/2 inch in length, I would want to cut 1/4 inch of the length of each side so I made each length of cord 6 inches. Make sense? Maybe?

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17. Once the cords are cut to the right length, place then metal end on the ends of the cords and cinch them closed. Try to keep the ends hidden in the end and not hanging out, they will be hard to clip once the end is closed.

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18. Try it on! If its too big, clip one of the ends and make a new end and redo it. If it’s too small, give it to some one and start over!

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I have decided to give away a bracelet and matching earrings. No big deal just tell me you want one. Your name will be entered an then if you refer a friend their name and yours will be added. So every friend you refer you get another chance and your friend gets a chance too. You can comment here or on my Facebook page. This will be open until January 7th when I’ll draw the name. As always thank you for stopping by!

This is what you’ll win!

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