Office Banner


This was done pre-blog times, so again no step by step pictures. However, this was very quick and easy and I made it in about 15 minutes!

Materials Needed
Iron on Transfer paper- you can buy this at any craft store, I had some already so it was free for me! When you go to buy this, look for the paper that is made for your fabric. They have light fabric and dark fabric options.

Two patterns of fabric- I used muslin and an extra fat quarter I had laying around

Sewing machine

Dowel rod (I used an unsharpened pencil)


Computer and printer


And so it begins…
1. Find a quote or picture that you like. I stumbled across mine in a store. It’s by Mother Theresa and I felt it was very appropriate for what was going on around me at the time.
2. Format your quote or picture in a printable form. Play with fonts and sizes until you get something you really like.
3. Print your quote as a mirror image! This is really important or else you’ll iron on a quote that’s backwards. I used best quality to make sure it transferred nicely.
4. Iron image onto the middle fabric (Muslin) Read the directions on your package as each requires different heat. My iron was on cotton, no steam, and I pressed down firmly for about 15-20 seconds. It was a bit long as some residue stayed on my muslin.
5. You can cut your muslin before or after. I’m terrible at centering things so I always try to mistake proof my projects. I cut out my muslin centering the quote. I allowed 1/4″ for the seam on the top and bottom.
6. Next I cut the top and bottom pieces of fabric. I gave an extra 1/4″ for a seam on the bottom and 1 1/4″ on the top. 1/4″ for the seam 1″ for the rod.
7. I pinned the muslin and bottom piece right sides together, lining up the top of the blue and the bottom of the muslin.
8. Sew with 1/4″ seam and unpin.
9. Pin the muslin and top piece right sides together then sew.
10. For the flap for the dowel I folded the top over so the wrong side of the fabric touched. I pinned it and sewed straight across creating a loop a bit smaller than 1/2″.
11. Iron banner pressing the seams in to lay flat.


12. If you use a dowel rod you have a few options! You can cut the rod to fit inside the banner or you can have it hang outside of the loop. If you leave excess you can buy decorative knobs for the ends if you want to make it fancier. I could only find 2″ dowel rods at home so I used an unsharpened pencil. Insert rod (or pencil) in loop.
13. Feed ribbon through the loop or tie ribbon on ends of rod. I fed mine through so a knot wouldn’t bulge out. Then I tied a bow at the top an adjusted the ribbon so it was even.
14. Hang it up!

I chose to leave the edges unfinished because I liked it but if you want a cleaner look, create a small seam around the whole banner before you fold the top for the loop.

This one was easy, but it really made a difference in my office! Thanks again!



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