The Canvas Flower

I’m starting off with an easy one. This has been floating around pinterest for a while and I’m not sure who started it but I had my inspiration from here:

So thank you very much! I had a great time doing this and I made a few changes from the blogger above. I made this before I knew I was going to blog so I don’t have step-by step pictures but I will try to be as specific as I can.

Materials Needed

Canvas- I used a 16×20. It came in a two pack and I bought it from Hobby Lobby for about $7

Spray Paint- I bought metallic Silver spray paint from Lowes for about $5

Mod Podge- I had this already but I think you can get a small bottle for about $6. You can also make your own with elmers glue and water. Of course when I bought the mod podge I was unaware of this and in good conscious I need to use up what I bought first!

Fabric- I bought a pack of quilting strips from Hobby Lobby for about $6 I liked this idea better than the paper because It gave me 10 options of patterns that complimented each other. I helped my friend make one of these with scrap book paper and it worked wonderfully so it’s really up to you what medium you’d like your flower to be

Spray adhesive- I already had this and I’m unsure how much it is. You could just use mod podge if you really wanted.


Application sponge

Something to protect the surface of your work area

Steps for The Canvas Flower

1. Make sure your canvas is clean and free of debris. Spray paint your canvas, including the sides. I did mine outside in the grass so I didn’t have to deal with fumes or clean up. Just be careful you don’t spray paint dirt or grass onto the canvas because it’s a pain to get off. Plus you’ll probably need to re-spray that area and it doesn’t look as nice as the spots you didn’t have to touch. I tried spray painting like one does with cars where you do little spurts at a time. It takes longer but it comes out more even and you avoid drips that way. I became impatient and started spraying the canvas continuously and it became drippy on one of the corners (whoops!)

2. Let the canvas dry. I watched a few episodes of Mad Men then came back to it. It was dry and I didn’t need a second coat. Some colors may require that so check out your canvas all over to make sure you don’t need a touch up.

3. I began to cut my flower out. I could have done this while the canvas dried, I’ll do that next time. I used the second blank canvas to lay everything out. I started with the center and cut out a circle. I adjusted the size to make it to what I thought would look good. Then I began to cut the petals. I started with cutting the strips into rectangles. I used my rotary cutter for most of the cutting, but use scissors if you are using paper. (Hint:Paper dulls cutting utensils and they don’t work as well on fabrics. So if you work with both while crafting have dedicated scissors for paper and dedicated scissors for fabric. I found this out the hard way) Once I had all the strips cut I began cutting out the petals.

4. To cut the petals I just cut an arch on both sides. It made the cutting go quickly and easily. As I cut the petals I laid them out on the blank canvas for positioning. This helped out a lot with the visuals because I was making my petals too big at first. I cut them down and then decided that having smaller petals on the inside looked better than having them all be the same size. I trimmed the petals to fit the area as I laid them out. I tried not to put the same pattern next to each other and I tried to not put patterns with the same background side by side.

5. Once I had everything the way I wanted it I began gluing the fabric to the painted canvas. I started with the center first. I sprayed it with adhesive and placed it approximately where it was on the blank canvas. Then I sprayed the petals and placed them around working from the center out. The petals did not go exactly where they were when laid on the blank canvas, so I trimmed and moved a few things as I went. Please be careful with the spray adhesive! It is very sticky and it makes everything around you tacky. I was sticking to everything because I didn’t wear gloves and that included the spray can itself! When I was working along the edge I decided to fold the petals over on the side of the canvas. This took a little more adhesive on those parts because the fabric wasn’t very happy about changing direction. When I made the paper one with my friend it was a bit more difficult but I like the look of it!

6. I let everything dry for a few days. (It doesn’t take days for the adhesive to dry I was just busy)

7. I then put a thin layer of Mod Podge over the whole canvas. It was a little streaky in places where the glue was thicker. There were no problems with that with my friends whose background paint was matte. Mine was metallic so just be cautious. You can’t tell unless you look really close. Let that dry.

8. I went back and re-glued a few of the petals edges that were popping up. It was only 3-4 and they are staying down now.

And you’re done! All in all without the wait time for things to dry it took me about an hour. It took less time with my friends because I already knew what to do and there was less trimming of the petals and such. The longest part of the paper flower was finding complimentary scrapbooking paper. My friend took a while trying to make all the pieces coordinate. It still turned out great!

Here’s hers:

I plan on making a second one so they can both hang on the wall side by side. When I do it next time I want to make a few changes.

1. I want to make my petals look more heart shaped to give it a different look.

2. I would like to make the petals smaller and have more of them on the canvas. These petals are big and more spread out and next time I think I’d like them a bit more crowded.

3. I want to try using Mod Podge instead of spray adhesive

4. Just watch if you use fabric, I used cotton and I like the texture and colors, but they can fray when you play with them too much. Next time I won’t move them and adjusted them as much to avoid any fraying.

I hope you enjoyed it. This is my first post so please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this easier to read. I appreciate any and all feed back! Thank you and have a wonderful day!




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